The Dawn of the Sixth Sun. The Path of Quetzalcoatl Espandi

The Dawn of the Sixth Sun

The Path of Quetzalcoatl
Sergio Ocelocoyotl Magaña


Is the world coming to an end in 2012? According to the Mexica calendar, which is less known than the Mayan calendar, but dates back to the same period, this is actually not the case. The calendar carries on for another 13,250 years, and describes some cycles of time bigger than the ones mentioned in the Mayan version. These cycles are based upon the revolution of our Sun around the Pleiades, and are formed by smaller cycles called “the Suns”, each lasting 6,625 years. During the transition from one sun to the other, i.e.: from one cosmic configuration to another, the influence of both suns is equally present for a short while, as is the case when the seasons change. Although the dawn of the “Monkey Sun” started in 1991, the previous sun shall maintain its prevalence until the 21st December 2012, when the two energies shall be in perfect balance. Subsequently, the old sun will lose its strength, and from 2021 its successor shall reign unaided for a thousand years. If up until now man has attempted to impose his domination over nature, under the new sun he will have to comply with her and this shall lead to great transformations affecting both the individual and the collective consciousness. The instructions on how to withstand the changes are issued now, at the precise time stipulated by the Mexica prophecy, by the custodians of an uninterrupted oral lineage which opens itself to the world here in written form for the very first time. This book contains several breathing exercises taken from the Mexica oral tradition, some of which are designed to provide relatively easy access to some altered states of consciousness.

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• 1A. Anima-li: Comunichi-amo
• 1B. Anima-li: Cosa succede quando ci lasciano
• Sciamanesimo

Google Hangout in preparation of Gateways of the Mind Conference in London:

Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl, messicano, è un ponte fra le antiche culture tolteca e mexica e la cultura moderna: i guardiani della tradizione orale hanno visto in lui il portavoce di questa antica saggezza a lungo tenuta nascosta, ora che, come profetizzato al momento della Conquista spagnola, è venuto il tempo di condividerla con il resto dell’umanità. È un maestro conosciuto e rispettato dell'antica tradizione tolteca e mexica mesoamericana, incluso il lignaggio Tol della conoscenza del sogno (nahualismo), trasmesso oralmente da maestro a discepolo per 1460 anni. Vive a Città del Messico.

Sergio Magaña Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl, Toltec Wisdom Keeper Unites with UNESCO Heritage Club to Preserve the Ancient Nàhuatl Culture of Mesoamerica

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I libri che pubblichiamo sono il nostro contributo ad un mondo che sta emergendo, basato sulla cooperazione piuttosto che sulla competitività, sull’affermazione dello spirito umano piuttosto che sul dubbio del proprio valore, e sulla certezza che esiste una connessione fra tutti gli individui.

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