Emoto Peace Prize 2016 won by Water for Unity Project.

Acceptance speech by R. Carone e F. Tuzzi.

With great joy and thankfulness we had the big and unexpected honor to receive the "Emoto Peace Prize" for the "Water for Unity Project". This is an award we'd like to share with each single person who has supported, supports and will support, not only this project but also every thought, action and word addressed to the improvement of the consciousness of this planet.

We all are "rainbow drops" of the multicoloured ocean of Life and we are here to remind it to each other. We are only at the beginning of this process, even if it was started long time ago by many people and several activities.

We begin from the only moment that exists: Now!
We begin from the only place where we can do it: Here!
We begin it only possible way: We begin from us!

With love and gratitude,
Rodolfo Carone and Francesca Tuzzi.